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Construction Contracts and Contractor Representation

Contracts are the cornerstone of any successful construction business. The Law Offices of Lee R. Lederman focuses exclusively on real estate law, so we understand the potential conflicts that can arise during a construction project and will work to protect your interests through the drafting, reviewing and modification of solid construction contracts.

Our team represents construction companies, general contractors, property owners, and others involved in the construction industry.We can draft contract agreements that anticipate and include provisions that are favored toward our client regarding matters such as:

  • The substitution of materials
  • Delays
  • Payment issues
  • Workmanship issues
  • Lien issues
  • Bonds
  • Employment disputes
  • Termination clauses

Our lawyers can also review contracts that suppliers and other parties present to you to ensure that you understand the terms of the offered contract and determine any potential issues related tot eh contract or the transfer of risk onto you or your business. We can also craft dispute resolution provisions so that if a dispute does arise, you have a plan in place that is tailored to protect your interests. These remedies allow for prompt payment and an efficient way to resolve disputes. 

If you have a dispute that must be resolved through litigation, our seasoned New Jersey real estate lawyers can aggressively protect your interests in and out of court. We will champion your rights and develop a legal strategy based on your particular circumstances. Contact our team today at (732) 424-9388 to partner with a law firm focused exclusively on real estate law.

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