How much can I save through debt consolidation?

Should you rent or buy? This calculator compares making rent and mortgage payments. Enter the Following: 
Information on Your Current Rent:
Monthly Rent Payment:
Annual Increase Rate:  %
Cash on Hand:
Investment Yield Rate:  %
Income Tax Rate:  %

Information on Your Proposed Mortgage:
Home Price:
Total Closing Costs:
Interest Rate:  %
Term, Months:
Home Appreciation Rate:  %
Number of Years for Comparison:

The Following Items are Calculated:

If You Continue to Rent:
Total of Rent Payments
Total Investment Income:
Net Investment Income:
Net Cost:
Home Equity:

If You Purchase a Home:
Monthly Payment:
Total Mortgage Payments:
Mortgage Interest:
Appreciation In Home Value:
Home Equity:
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