Our law Firm represents hundreds of satisfied real estate sellers every year. This office will handle all aspects of the transaction on your behalf so all you have to worry about is packing and moving.

The sale of your home can be a very intimidating experience. The obvious issues facing sellers don’t involve the services of attorneys. Packing, moving and unpacking should be enough for anyone to worry about. When you hire the Law Offices of Lee R. Lederman to assist you in your home sale transaction, you hire highly skilled professionals with two decades of experience. Our offices assist you in all aspects of the sale


The following are just a few of the issues facing the “typical” real estate seller:

  • Negotiating the terms of the Contract of Sale.
  • Procuring the Municipal Certificate of Occupancy (not required in every municipality);
  • Procuring a Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certificate;
  • Negotiating home inspection issues/repairs with buyers;
  • Clearing any and all title issues arising from the examination of the homes title search;
  • Preparation of all title transfer documents; and
  • Computation of adjustments for items such as real estate taxes; the New Jersey Realty Transfer Fee and other municipal services such as sewer and water.
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